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System Machinery: Optical Disc Manufacturing Equipment, etc.


The Blu-ray disc is rapidly gaining recognition. Our mass production equipment for manufacturing such discs is one of our best selling products and has grabbed a major share of the domestic and overseas markets. We are now working on how to apply technical expertise gained in optical disc technology to other fields.

    ▶ Blu-ray Disc Mass Production equipment
The Lapis has achieved the production of Single layer and Dual layer by 1unit.
It adopts automation control system for cover layer.
Resin is used as 1 liquid each for cover and space layer.
  • BD-ROM
    ▶ BD-ROM/BD-R RE-Azul-
The Azul adopts spin system to make up 0.1mm cover layer, it has achieved the production of
low cost performance and high yeild.
It has already got a reputation for mass production system in the world.
  • BD-ROM
  • BD-R
  • BD-RE
    ▶ DVD-ROM Mass Production Equipment -bM1.5-
The bM1.5 adopts an unique process mechanism,
it has achieved the mass production of high cycle and high yeild.