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System Machinery: Electric Welding machine


We offer products and product series that will meet the current needs of the varied joint fields of automobile parts, semi-conductor devices and liquid crystal devices based on our condenser type of low resistance welding devices and including plasma arc welding devices and parallel seam sealers possessing our original technology. Further, our products feature joints with new materials expanded joints which is a reflection of our continued research into joint related technology.

    ▶ Condenser type of Resistance Welding Machine
The fact that it is possible to obtain a large electric current in short period of time through the instantaneous discharge of energy that has been electrified in a electrolytic capacitor makes it possible to secure high grade welding that has very small affect on areas other than the welded area and small levels of distortion. IMG-SG1.jpg
  • Automobile parts
    (Driveshaft parts, air bag parts, power steering parts)
  • Nonferrous metals including aluminum materials
  • RingMash Catalogue
    ▶ Metallic Package Airtight Welding machine
Makes it possible to create airtight seals with the metallic packages of electrode structures, sensors or other items in nitrogen or vacuum atmospheres. IMG-SG2.jpg
  • Laser diodes
  • Infrared sensors
  • All types of semi-conductor devices