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Power Supplies of information & Telecommunication


Our originally developed technology (High reliability and density, compact and lightweight structures) is utilized fully in its behind-the-scenes functional support of equipment used for telecommunications ranging from traditional telephones to cell phones, the Internet and other sectors of our daily office and family lifestyles.


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We offer a full line-up of commutation devices ranging in DC output of 4A~6000A in small capacity to large capacity types.
The large capacity commutation devices come equipped with high density specification rectifiers ranging from 100A/150A/250A depending upon the structure of the system used. Further, we supply a highly reliable, high power source device that employs a parallel extension running system that serves as a back-up device.
We offer a wide ranging line-up of commutation devices spanning from outdoor DC output 6A~600A types to types with indoor specifications.
Our outdoor types feature compact, light-weight, noiseless (No fan) commutation devices that may be attached to electric poles. We also have indoor types of commutation devices that are equipped with thin, compact, highly dense rectifiers with a height of 1U (44.45mm).
  • Telecommunication center
  • Data center
  • Cell phone base stations
Commutation Device (DC48V2100A)
Thin, Compact Rectifier (48V50A)