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Low Voltage Power Supplies


Customer device: We will advise you on the power source that best meets the needs of your system. Concerning the essential parts of the system we are able to work with your customization needs for individual computer control based on our power source technological knowledge accumulated over many years of R and D.


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This device is a highly efficient, high precision onboard type of DC-DC converter, compact in size and light in weight that makes use of surface coating technology. Built in to the device are a variety of protective functions including inrush current protection and due to the elimination of the need for external circuitry we have brought about a compact design.
This is a compact rectifier unit with a height of 1U (44.45mm) that makes use of high density coating technology. It makes parallel connectivity possible and brings about a high level of reliability even when working with large capacity projects.
Usage Usage
  • Telecommunication center
  • All communication devices
  • Cell phone base stations
  • Direct current transformer parts of
    various selectronic products
Diode power source for photoelectric transfer
Unit type of power source (48V15A) forced air cooling, built-in fan type
   ▶   AC Output Unit
A highly efficient inverter that outputs 100 V AC sine waves from a DC voltage. Equipped with an optimization circuit and surface-mounted components, this compact, lightweight and high-density power supply features low irradiation noise (as a single board it complies with VCCI Class B) and does not interfere with radio, TV frequency band reception.
Sine wave inverter
  • Backup power supply
     Package power Supply
This is a compact electron stabilizer that causes the lamp to turn on. We offer customized products that will help you realize the most appropriate combination with the lamp utilizing computer control technique.
  • Stabilizer for lamps
Examples of Usage
  • Projector