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High Voltage Power Supplies


As one of the leading researchers and manufacturers of high voltage power source machinery we are able to provide products that work with highly functional and compact devices that make use of UV lamp power sources, high frequency inverter control technology and high voltage circuit technology in the spotter power sources, the electron beam power sources, the fl at panel displays and printers used in X-ray power sources for medical treatment and industrial purposes and in semiconductor manufacturing devices.

   ▶  Power Supply For Medical Device
We are proud to offer extremely reliable products that feature high levels of stability and responsiveness in output and which make use of our original high frequency inverters.
  • X-ray generators
Examples of Usage
  • X-ray devices for medical treatment
X-ray power supply
   ▶  Power Supply For Spotters
In addition to the high degree of reliability, it possesses the stable and quick control response properties in its output (500W~300kW) during the generation of arcs. Further, we have been able to create a compact product due to thoroughly implemented heat designs.
  • Material film formation using a semi-conductor process
  • Solar battery panel, organic EL or liquid crystal, PDP film formation
Examples of Usage
  • All types of film formation devices
GEXUS series
   ▶  Power Supply For Switching Types of Electorostatic Precipitator
The next generation in compact precipitators utilizing an inverter format. In the realm of functions we have achieved increased effectiveness by shutting down and then quickly carrying out restart operations instantaneously in the even of spark discharge due to the addition of high speed response capabilities.
  • Designed with a waste disposal format that is friendly on the environment
Examples of Usage
  • Disposal plant for electric, metallic, cement, glass industrial waste materials
Power supply for switching types of electrostatic precipitator