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The Component Division carries out technology development for semiconductor power devices and assists our customers’ demands in the innovative precision machinery parts. The division concerns energy-saving and reflects its semiconductor power devices so that electrical components exhibits superior performance and efficiency. The divisions also conducts R&D in order to adequately and expeditiously respond to our customers’ needs in the precision machinery parts, based upon our philosophy of proposal-based product development.

    ▶  Semiconductor Device


It is our aim to develop power devices that will be of benefit to both people and the Earth focusing on the development of high speed, high pressure resistant, low damage ratio fusion types of technology. We are working on developing customized modules, snubber modules and other similar products for surface coating parts, automobiles and industrial devices which have become more compact in size and more fused with other products for use with cell phones and household appliances and are please that these are being utilized in a variety of spheres in society.


   ▶  Precision Machinery Parts


While these parts may not be the most visible part of our daily life, they play an important role as functional parts in a wide range of areas including OA devices, medical treatment machinery and optical instruments. Of particular interest are the one-way clutch, the torque limiter and the one-way hinge which are utilized with the implementation of original ideas and approaches in ATMs, automated ticket venders, as well as in the OAs of printers, copiers and other similar devices.